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Now we are offering organic coffee from guatemala. Soon you can buy healthy coffee with ovitcoin.

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Ovitcoin is a digital currency capable of completing transactions from person to person in less than 5 seconds, so it will be the most valuable token in the chain of blocks of ethereum.

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Organic coffee on the blockchain

From the Guatemalan farms bathed by the tropical sun, we bring you an artisan coffee collected by local men and women in a traditional style

For decades, Guatemalan coffee has been considered a high quality product due to its rich tropical soil. The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the most exquisite and distinctive coffees in the world. Organovit is an MLM company launched in 2018 that fully implements ovitcoin as a payment alternative, it was also developed by organovit as a token to buy and sell Coffee using blockchain technology.

Ovitcoin is an ERC-20 token developed in the chain of blocks ethereum, the first token of its kind fully backed by coffee and used as a payment alternative thanks to its market value of crypto currencies.



Ovitcoin's development team has been involved in the worlds of coffee and blockchain technology since 2013.

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    Henry Orellana
    Head programmer

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    Cesar Juarez
    Founder & CEO

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    Mario Girón
    Graphic design and web design